Aug 3 -

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Garnett at his store in the South End a week after I moved back to Boston. I had been living in LA for the past 2 years and learned about Bobby’s from a fellow fashion connoisseur, my friend Chris who has his own line, Sifr, and is based out of Singapore. While visiting the states he made it a point that he was on an important mission to visit Bobby’s, and I was lucky enough to get to join. 

When I first stepped into Bobby from Boston I nearly fainted. It was hard to take it all in at once: the decor, the detailing, the unbelievable giant worn in brown leather US postal bag hanging by the front door, the vintage suitcases purposefully displayed in carefully selected positions throughout, the musk of vintage greatness, the colorful ties laying on the tabletop rack, the old book, the racks and rows of neatly displayed items of clothing from every era, and best of all: Bobby. When I say this man is cool, I mean this man is the epitome of easy breezy cool. He’s a Boston native and makes it clear he’s not going anywhere. Having roots here in Boston: his grandmother was a dentist and his grandfather a cop, he is a true Bostonian at heart. The ambiance inside Bobby’s was a brownish orangish glow, and not only did the music playing in the store make you want to groove a little bit, but Bobby himself, chillen in his wheelchair, rocking his head to the beat, made you want to throw on a vintage varsity jacket and a newsboy cap and join in on the fun. 

After we spent some time in the store and my friend Chris walked away with a couple amazing jackets, Bobby let us know about the warehouse in Lynn which we checked out later that day…that is an entirely other story….the warehouse is the white house for vintage addicts like myself, it was almost too overpowering, like you cant believe you are living in the closet of the past and don’t ever want to leave. If you love vintage as much as I do I suggest you go over to Bobby’s and ask him how to get to the warehouse pronto. Trust me. 

This is where I met Tina, she is the curator for Bobby From Boston and has an impressive background that includes teaching at Harvard, and wardrobe styling for theatre in NYC and London. She is as rooted as Bobby, she told me she met Bobby when she went into his store one day and said, you know, you need me here…and the rest is history. She let us into the warehouse, you need to call her first to get in. We caught her working hard sewing and steaming and tailoring all these amazing pieces for the upcoming fashion show: Barefoot at Rockport ran by Corina Luther Belle-Isle . I fell so much in love with it all that I offered to help, and spent the next 2 days living in a timeless world. I’d never been so happy. The fashion show was a mixture of vintage styling with other contemporary designers. Bobby brought a modern feel to his vintage collection by pairing white vintage men’s football pants with a 1960s cone bra with linen mesh covering over it, along with a long beige duster jacket. 

After the show there was a pop up shop with music and drinks. B.F.B employee Satoru Imai gave me the thumbs up on a long white linen jacket I fell in love with and ended up buying after everyone in the room told me how great I looked in it. I left that night with my jacket and the inspiration I had been looking for all since I got back to Boston.

Bobby from Boston stands out not only because he is talented in finding vintage fashions but because he loves what he does, and you can see that in his store and his life. His art truly imitates life. Bobby is more than a store, or a man, or a brand, he is a legend, and a true example that you can do what you love and love what you do. 

+ Bobby from Boston, 19 Thayer Street, Boston, (617) 423-9299 +

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